History of Client Feedback Tool

Client Feedback Tool was founded in 2004 as DesignFacilitator. The Client Feedback Tool was conceived by, and developed within, Phillips Architecture PA, a Raleigh, NC architectural/interior design firm. The thirty-person design staff developed a blueprint for a software tool to assist designers in monitoring their clients' perceptions of how each project was progressing. The Client Feedback Tool orchestrates the collection of client and project-specific feedback, translates the data into a strategy, tracks action items and creates a feedback loop for designers to refine the project process to better serve their clients.

Company Vision

Client Feedback Tool enhances firms' value to their clients. We do this by creating an easy-to-use web-based program that provides professional services firms with the information they need to strengthen relationships and increase client loyalty. Specifically, we aim to:

• Maximize the service value to each client 
• Reduce the potential for making mistakes 
• Improve expertise by focusing on process 
• Improve understanding between staff and clients
• Elevate the entire profession’s status for client helpfulness 

Client Feedback Tool give professionals a simple but effective format for building strong understandings with clients and other project team members.