According to Harry Beckwith in Selling the Invisible , professional services marketing is no longer about 'pushing the goods' or even about getting the word out. Marketing for professional services firms is all about the service. Your clients are comparing the service your firm provides to the most extraordinary service they have ever received! Does that sound intimidating? It's true. Using client feedback gives your marketing team the numbers they need to demonstrate to clients and prospects that your firm's service is extraordinary as well! 

Protect relationships Build team strength
nurture relationships team strength

Measuring and analyzing feedback at different stages of a project will allow your firm to be pro-active if there's ever a hint of a problem. Client relationships are the lifeblood of your firm. Clients understand that mistakes will happen. However, the earlier you identify a potential problem and implement a course correction, the greater the likelihood that it can be turned into an opportunity that strengthens the client relationship.


How does your firm help staff achieve their highest potential? Would it benefit your firm if you could identify strengths on an individualized basis? Our feedback system allows you to track trends by individual. Your can then provide training that strengthens  their skills. Strong teams don't try to change their people, they match the individual skills of their staff with the needs of the team.  

Clients want you to ask Testimonials/Referrals
Pls ask testamonials

Clients want you to ask. When you use the Client Feedback Tool, you give your clients the opportunity to let you know how well your process meets their needs and expectations. Through our years of working with your peers, we have found that the majority of feedback is positive and the most common low score is a 3.9. Getting a score less than 4.0 (Met Expectations) is your clients way of saying, 'can we talk'. Often the 3.9 is telling you there is some small thing they might never have told you otherwise. What an opportunity to build that relationship!


Comments and positive feedback received from your clients provide instant testimonials for proposals and short-list interviews. Client Feedback Tool supports Twitter integration and Net Promoter Score (NPS). When your clients add positive comments to their feedback scores, you can instantly share that information with your Twitter network. Additionally, NPS lets you benchmark your firm against your competition and we will work with you to identify action steps you can take to win more referrals!