As a leader of your firm, you are responsible for profitability, performance, liability, retention, loyalty, and management. And, chances are you may also be managing projects at the same time. Regardless of your desire to do so, there are just not enough hours in the day to routinely examine every project on the books. As a leader, you have no choice but to take a 50,000 foot view and look for the anomolies or alerts that signal that something needs your immediate attention. The Client Feedback Tool will be an important part of your toolkit. You can use the tracking / alert mechanism to let you know if the feedback your clients are giving your firm requires your attention. 


Get real-time information Reduce liability concerns
real time information manage risk

Have you ever found out that a long-time client was struggling with your firm's performance several months after the initial complaint was made? When your firm uses our feedback process, you can have reports automatically sent to you on a weekly or monthly basis for one or many projects/clients. This allows you to see trends in how well these clients' expectations are being met and eliminates surprises.


When is the best time to identify problems? You probably said, 'as early as possible'. The majority of feedback you will receive using the Client Feedback Tool is positive. However, if you ask your clients for feedback routinely throughout a project, if there are any mis-steps, you will learn about them immediately. Our High (or Low) Alert Report is automatically generated and delivered to your email.

Identify future leaders Identify growth opportunities
future leader LDR growth

What is your firm's culture? How do you identify those individuals that are passionate about the things that define your brand? You use metrics to measure profitability, the Client Feedback Tool lets you measure commitment to client-centric service.


The quadrant chart report lets you view project profitability and client satisfaction on the same chart. Easy to produce, this report will allow you to clearly see growth opportunities for your firm.