Operations plays a strategic role in organizational success. There are numerous moving parts that must be aligned for an organization to operate at optimum efficiency and profitability. Quality, reliability, responsiveness, and flexibility are just a few of the factors that have an impact on the bottomline. And these factors have an impact both internally (employees) and externally (clients and prospects). Use the Client Feedback Tool's patented system of collecting and analyzing feedback to provide a strategic advantage to your firm.

Quality Reliability
quality Reliability II

Quality is one of the benchmarks of building client relationships. Your clients expect you to provide high quality services. So where does feedback assist you in this effort? Quality can be subjective. There is more than one way to complete most projects. If your team completes a project 'the same way they have done a dozen others' for a different client, that client may not feel they got the quality they expected. By integrating feedback into your project delivery process, your clients have the option of letting you know throughout the process whether or not your existing process meets (or exceeds) their expectations.


From your clients' perspective, reliability speaks directly to your firm's ability to deliver what you promised on time (and on budget). There are times, however, when a fast-tracked deadline on one project results in a schedule slippage on another. Your client may not recognize the cause and effect of this situation and depending upon the experience level of your project management team, they may have thought they could 'get it all done'. Incorporating feedback into your management process gives you and your client the opportunity to communicate before any issues become problems.

Responsiveness Flexibility
responsiveness II flexibility

What is your firm's culture for responsiveness? Do your clients think your firm stands out? Are there individuals within your organization that excel at this metric? Are there others that struggle? Do you know? Knowing whether or not your team members are meeting client expectations this important metric can be the difference between retaining or losing clients. When your firm is lucky, your client will reach out and share this information with you on their own. However, we all know that it is more likely they will not and the relationship will just erode. Take a look at how our feedback system can help you strengthen this metric across your firm. Can you afford not to know? 


Flexibility means 'being able to change the operation in some way'. Flexibility allows your firm to better align with client expectations, reducing re-work and wasted effort. Using feedback, you will hear what matters most to your clients. Typically the feedback you receive from your clients will be very positive. Sometimes however, it may indicate the need to make minor changes to your existing project delivery process. The fact that you asked and your willingness to make changes shows flexibility and commitment to meeting their needs. Internally, flexibility and feedback empowers your staff to focus on what the client says is important to them.