How it works

Rather than wait for a project to be complete, (when there is little if any chance of changing the outcome), our feedback system is designed to integrate into your existing project delivery system and allows you to send and receive feedback from your clients throughout the project life-cycle. The six-step process illustrated below is quick and convenient for both you and your clients. At the same time, it provides the depth of information your firm needs to measure how well your processes are matching your clients' expectations. Asking your clients if the processes you are using work for them gives you the opportunity to validate successes with your team (give them more of the same) or make improvements during the project rather than at the end. Asking, listening, and responding is a very powerful way to strengthen your existing relationships. It will also serve as a differentiator as you work to build new ones.

feedback life cycle 3


You ask for feedback Clients respond
want your feedback review feedback

The project manager or other team member asks for feedback by sending an electronic survey. The survey templates for specific phases of the project are pre-set based upon your firm's preferences. The whole process takes about 2 minutes and is easily integrated into your project delivery process.


Your clients respond to a 6 - 8 question, 2-minute survey. The survey is fast, easy, and comfortable. In addition to providing their feedback using our unique sliding scale, they are given the chance to leave additional comments for any (or all) questions. Would you like to see a sample survey? Let us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Feedback captured Alerts: follow-up
Feedback captured Alert Stencil

Client responses are captured in the tool and are routed to the project team via email. How often and to whom notifications are sent are based upon your firm's preferences. You can elect to receive a notification as soon as a response is received or based upon alert thresholds (high/low scores).


If any responses indicate either exceptional performance or a problem, someone on the project team will follow up with the client. Client Feedback Tool has developed customizable follow-up procedures that allow you to build this element of the system directly into your project process. Don't forget - be sure Marketing receives those exceptional scores to use in your next proposal.

Team adjusts process Clients increase loyalty
flexible team Customer crossword

When your client indicates that you have exceeded their expectations, your team can celebrate this success and be highly motivated to provide 'more of the same'. If there are any gaps in expectations that receive low scores, your team has the chance (while there is still time to adjust) to learn from the client what would work better for them.


Remember, feedback is about the client's preferences - not about you. The entire feedback process is positive and shows your client that you are listening and that you are flexible in trying to meet their needs. The feedback process builds trust between you and your client, continuously strengthens your relationships and builds client loyalty.