Overview of Client Feedback Tool

Like all individuals, your clients have individual preferences. During the initial project meeting, you probably have some guideline questions you ask to try and uncover these preferences. However, if you are like most firms, it is not uncommon to find that both you and your clients have made some assumptions along the way - the question is, how costly will these assumptions be to the bottom line. The Client Feedback Tool provides a quick and easy way for both you and your clients to continuously monitor, and adjust to, these preferences.

Extensive survey library Client-centric approach
survey library client centric

Following the completion of a project task, or possibly a milestone meeting, you ask your client for feedback. Our tool contains hundreds of pre-built surveys that correspond to different phases of each project. As part of our initial consulting process, we will work with you to customize the surveys that best match the outcomes you are trying to achieve.


Clients will complete surveys that ask 6 - 8 brief questions (and take less than 2 minutes to complete). Our tool uses a unique interactive visual response mechanism that measures how well the deliverable matched your clients expectations. A numerical value from 7.0 (exceptional) to 1.0 (unacceptable) in 0.1 increments is recorded for each question. 

Automatic feedback distribution Systematic follow-up
image teamwork follow up

Client Feedback Tool will work with you to customize the tool to meet your organization's needs. You can set up protocols that provide notification to not only the project managers associated with each project but managers, leadership, and marketing as well. This is your tool - we will customize it to fit your needs and ensure that the individuals within your firm that need this information receive it atomatically. You can receive notifications every time a response is received or choose to establish preset alert levels. Find out more - request a DEMO today.


Remember, feedback is about client preferences - not about you so it is really important to follow up to your client's feedback so they know you were listening. To streamline this process for you, the Client Feedback Tool has developed a systematic follow up protocol that can be customized for your firm's needs. We take the guesswork out of the 'next steps' and will coach you on follow-up options based on the feedback you receive. When you follow-up with your clients on low scores received; subsequent surveys show an 83% decrease in repeat problems!


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