How feedback benefits you

Collecting and incorporating feedback from your clients into your business practices is important regardless of your organizational role. Asking clients if the processes your firm is using work for them gives you the opportunity to build and strengthen relationships. By asking and listening, you promote your brand as a client-centric firm, differentiate yourself from your competitors, and increase operational efficiency (reduce wasted effort). All of these elements add up to increased profitability for your firm.

Marketing   Business Development
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As your clients receive more proposals than ever before, identifying strategies to increase your Win Rate becomes increasingly important. Client Feedback Tool will work with you to create an RFP feedback strategy that has been shown to increase short-list rates by 50%. Take a look at four reasons marketing professionals value feedback.


You are always looking for a differentiator to set your organization's proposals apart from the competition - right? Many firms 'say' they are client-centric. Client Feedback Tool will help you integrate a proven process into your project delivery system that will prove you are! Read why your peers say that gathering feedback about their clients gives them the winning hand.
Operations   Leadership
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Is re-work eating away at your profit margins? Are your project managers delivering more than the scope of work in the contract to try and ensure their clients are satisfied? Would knowing how your clients perceive your deliverables in real-time help minimize these challenges? You bet it would! Operations integrates all the moving parts of project delivery and plays a strategic role in organizational success. We've identified four benefits you will see when you ask your clients for feedback.


Profitability, performance, liability, retention, loyalty, and management - these are just some of the metrics that contribute to your firm's overall success. Look at the numbers for your firm - strong client relationships are proven to make a positive impact to your bottom line. Want to know more, we've highlighted just some of the reasons that leaders are asking how their firm can integrate a feedback program into their management system.