Our Unique Approach

Client Feedback Tool grew out of an architectural firm beginning in 2004. We understand the unique challenges that professional services firms face as they seek to strengthen client relationships and build loyalty. Providing project-driven services is very different than selling something your clients can see and feel - that is why so many firms today speak of the need to be their clients' Trusted Advisor. Since 2004, we’ve tested and refined ideas with hundreds of professional services firms around the world and identified a few key approaches that create the best feedback strategy to build client loyalty.

"Who" Matters Ask Early. Ask Often
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Perhaps contrary to first instinct, clients want to give feedback directly to the people serving them. Intuitively, the only way feedback can improve a process is when the people doing the work know what to change, and for whom. Anonymous feedback doesn’t work in high-touch client relationships. Asking the right way enables candid, effective feedback to flow between the right people. Read more about who should be asking for feedback on our blog.



Many firms ask their clients how things went at the end of the project. The problem with this approach are the three words 'at the end'. Building client relationships by asking for feedback during the project shows your client that you really value their preferences. They will see you want to make adjustments, if needed, for the success of their project. Don’t wait until it’s too late to change the outcome. Check out When to Ask to identify the milestones in your project that are shown to be the best times to ask for feedback. 

Keep it Simple Follow-up is Automatic
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Getting great feedback starts by asking great questions - but how many questions and what type? Since 2004 we have been researching client feedback. We have looked at the best length for surveys, the types of feedback to collect, how to ask 'actionable' questions, and how to score responses. Our simple process is fast (takes less than 2 minutes), focused on a single project milestone, easy, intuitive and comfortable to answer. Click here for more information on our feedback process.


When your clients share their preferences, follow up just happens naturally. There are no new processes to learn or additional steps to be taken. You have the option of seeing all feedback in real-time or only those with high (or low) scores - it's up to you! Not sure how to follow up to a comment, we have developed a best practices guide to categorize feedback keywords with suggested actions. Feedback is about the 'client' not about 'you' so following-up shows you listened, you care, and it validates the feedback process for the client.


Still have questions - check out How it Works