Why My Firm Needs This?

Today, your firm's level of client service is being measured against all other organizations that provide services to your clients - not just your direct competitors. While your clients may not know whether or not your plans and/or reports are of superior quality, they will certainly know how it felt to work with your firm.

Whether it's finding an issue early or demonstrating your willingness to be flexible and adjust your project delivery process 'a little' to better meet their needs; the net result is a client who is more engaged in your process and committed to your team. Regardless of whether your focus is marketing, profitability, finding and developing the next generation of leaders, or reducing your firm's liability exposure; the data you collect by using the Client Feedback Tool will allow you to achieve your goals. Want to learn even more, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us and let us answer your questions.

Enhance Marketing Increase Profitability
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As a marketing professional, you strive to find that elusive differentiator that you can promote in your proposals to increase your win rate. Using the Client Feedback Tool lets your clients tell you why they love you. Our research shows they want you to ask! Once you know, you can use this information in your proposals and/or automatically send a Tweet to your network with their comments. Let your existing clients help you sell your new prospects!


Would increasing your firms Net Service Revenue (NSR) per employee while decreasing marketing costs increase overall profitability? Of course! NSR is influenced by a variety of factors. However, as a function of productivity, the ability to minimize or eliminate re-work due to misunderstandings with your clients increases productivity (and reduces wasted effort). At the same time, your demonstrated willingness to adapt to your clients's needs will increase their desire to bring their work directly to your firm.

Promote Staff Performance Reduce Liability
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In their book, "First, Break All the Rules", the authors explain that the greatest managers do not try and 'fix' their employees. Instead they focus on aligning their staff with what they do really well. Among your performance metrics for staff, do evaluate how they take care of clients?  Data gathered during the feedback process will let you and your employees see where their obvious strengths are (and likely what they are most happy doing). Do they excel at relationships (helpfulness, responsiveness and quality) or production (budgets, schedule, and accuracy)?   


"People don't sue projects, they sue people." Wise words from a professional liability carrier. When you create high-quality professional relationships, each member of the team feels a sense of stewardship of the client. Additionally, your clients feel an increased level of commitment to your firm. Clients understand that people make mistakes, but with the strengthened relationship they often bend over backwards to help you work through a problem if one occurs. Client feedback is such a powerful tool, at least one industry insurer provides a 10% premium credit for capturing regular project-based feedback.