Your Plan  
Creating your plan

Based on 10 years of experience working with your peers in the industry, the Client Feedback Tool team first seeks to understand your unique client service strategy. As we work with you to create your plan, the goal will be to identify opportunities to incorporate feedback into your existing processes and configure the tool appropriately. When you engage the Client Feedback Tool team, you can expect a process-oriented approach that identifies, customizes, trains, and coaches your firm in both the technical and the client caretaking aspects of collecting feedback. It is our goal to ensure your firm achieves maximum results with your feedback program.

Building the team Customizing the tool
building team PL customize

The initial steps in creating your plan include identifying the core team within your organization to become the internal 'experts' and champions of the tool. During our initial call, we will work with you to learn how to best incorporate the tool into your existing feedback processes. 


Critical to your successful launch of the Client Feedback Tool is an understanding of how your firm views: a) Why feedback is critical, b) Who should be included, c) When feedback should occur, and d) What feedback to collect. As we work with the core team, we will build a feedback program and customize the tool to align with your organizational culture.

Templates, triggers & training Ask, review, & refine
man w plan II ask refine review

The process of building your feedback process continues with the identification of the templates that best suit your projects and/or workflow processes. Each template is linked to questions appropriate for specific phases of project delivery (see sample trigger events). Once the templates and the schedule have been identified, we will work with you to set up training for your staff. This will ensure smooth implementation of your plan. 


You are now ready to begin sending your inital client feedback surveys. You have the tools you need. However, your Client Feedback Tool specialist will be happy to set up a virtual meeting and walk through the process with you step-by-step. In the upcoming weeks and months, we will set up milestone meetings to review reporting / analyzing options and to help you schedule the reports that provide the data your firm desires. 

See how we will work with you to Implement Your Plan