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Reviewing your data

You gather feedback from your clients to understand their individual preferences and to serve them better. The data you gather regarding your client preferences provides you with powerful information about your firm's strengths and opportunities as well. Client Feedback Tool provides you with the ability to review reports that highlight different aspects of the data you have gathered. These reports can be filtered in numerous ways including by sender, dates, question, phase, scores, and client. In addition to using the reports to track financial trends, you can use the information to strengthen your staff recruitment and retention, enhance your marketing and business development efforts, and increase project delivery efficiency.

Pie Chart Bar Graph
pie chart Bar Graph

The pie chart displays a graphic summary of survey results that meet your selected filter choices. Data included in the report can be filtered based on your needs including by sendor, dates, question, project, or client. The pie chart provides an at-a-glance information about how your feedback is distributed. Additionally you have the ability to download the raw data into an Excel format. 



The bar graph report provides one of the most powerful and flexible reports within the Client Feedback Tool. In the example above, each bar is graphed by a question category. Within the bars, the darkest rectangle indicates the AVERAGE score. The dark blue band indicates the 25th/75th percentiles (i.e. half of the scores ae within this range). Light blue indicates the entire range of scores (min/max). 

Scatter Plot Quadrant Report
scatter plot quad report integrate data

Use this report as a visual overview of your firm's feedback to qualitatively gauge patterns and/or progress. Each point on the scatter plot represents one answer to one question. A column of dots indicates one reply to a survey (answers to the included questions). Review the points at least monthly, look for trends, clusters, and outliers. You can hover over any point and be shown additional information about that response or click a point to see the full answers report.


The quadrant report lets your firm compare the project's financial data to the average feedback scores. This unique report allows your firm to measure not only how successful the project is for your firm (profitability) but also how successful it is for your client (expectations). Read the complete guide to matching firm and client expectations on our blog.  

Schedule Reports Net Promoter Score
schedule reports financial growth

Identify the information that is most important to you. Then, schedule delivery of that information in reports to yourself or other members of your firm. By publishing information regularly, you will encourage others to request feedback and increase accountability. Schedule weekly reports for issues you have identified. Schedule monthly reports to summarize larger data groups, trends, and broad strategic information. It's up to you!


Net Promoter Score (NPS) is the one-step client satisfaction metric that more and more businesses are using to measure success and build referrals. The Client Feedback Tool provides your firm with the ability to measure your NPS and how you can convert that metric into greater profitability for your firm. Click here to learn more.





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