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Implementing your plan

Successful implementation of your plan is process-oriented and is easily integrated with your existing systems. As part of our commitment to working with your firm, we will match the capabilities of the tool with the processes, goals, and resources available within your organization. Sending surveys takes less than 2 minutes, capturing results is automatic and can be distributed to individuals within your organization based on your preferences. Alerts let your senior leadership take that '50,000 foot view' and engage as needed.

Sending a survey Capture results
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Sending a survey takes 2 minutes or less. When your firm has established triggers for sending surveys, it becomes just another part of the project management process. Research shows that surveys that generate the most useful feedback are those that are sent by the individual working most closely with the client. Take a look at Who Matters for more information.


How your firm decides to analyze the data you collect is up to you. Because all of the questions in the survey templates are linked to six (6) primary question categories; your firm will begin to be able to analyze feedback results quickly. You will be able to see trends in real-time that can be used in your marketing materials, training, and business development efforts. 

Thank your clients Follow-up as needed
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When your clients finish responding to a survey, a thank you message will appear. This is not intended to replace a verbal thank you from your team. It does, however, provide immediate feedback to your clients that you appreciate them completing the survey. Phone calls (or in-person meetings) are typically made after you have reviewed their feedback. At that time, it is natural to thank your clients for helping you to serve them better through feedback and to discuss any issues that may have surfaced. 


Feedback is not one-way and should always start a conversation rather than replace one. Following-up to a survey shows you listened, demonstrates you care, and validates the feedback process for the client. The tool provides a Follow-up Comments section linked to the original feedback. This provides a historical record as well as the ability to measure after corrections have been made. Follow-up has shown an 83% reduction in repeat problems and enabled firms to maintain 60% response rates year after year. 

Learn the many different types of reports available to you. Check out Reviewing Your Data
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